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The Rise and Fall of Animal Experimentation. Empathy, Science, and the Future of Research.

Biomedical research makes extensive use of animals even though it is frequently extremely cruel. The book examines the history of animal research, how it arose in antiquity and the history of the animal welfare movement that opposes animal research. The book asks several important questions about animal research including whether it is really effective in today’s world, whether it is ethical and whether it is necessary in the face of many current technological developments. The book discusses how modern research technologies such as human stem cell research is rapidly making animal research obsolete.

Drugged. The Science and Culture Behind Psychotropic Drugs

Psychotropic drugs have had an enormous influence on human culture for the entire course of human history. “Drugged” tells the story of all the major types of psychotropic drugs from the earliest times, including their roles in the history of religion and the arts as well as in medicine.

Ezekiel. An Electric Tale

A science fiction adventure which tells the story of a secret manuscript containing important esoteric information that is vital to the future of humanity and concerns the nature of biological electricity and its role as a life force.

I Am a Mutant. A Genetic Odyssey

Two weeks prior to entering the hospital for major heart surgery, the author read his own obituary published in his high school magazine. Undeterred, he went ahead with the operation and survived to tell the tale. In “I Am A Mutant”, the author describes how he discovered that he had inherited a potentially fatal heart disease, the history of his family, the science of genetics, and the implications of living with a genetic disease.